Format: TV Pilot - Single Camera / One Hour Comedy

Series Logline: This show is about a typical Homo sapien woman named Jane and the culmination of seemingly ordinary and mundane events which lead her to the extraordinary circumstance of meeting an artificial lifeform who was sent to Earth, by aliens, to study humans. His name is Anslo. After they meet the storyline becomes complex, the characters grow and drama ensues. Some humor has been added for increased enjoyment.

Pilot Logline: The pilot beings with some existential exploration led by the narrator. Next we are introduced to boring Jane, her deadbeat boyfriend DJ Bassdrop, the artificial lifeform Anslo and the highly suspicious Dr. Gupta. Most of the plot revolves around interconnected events which eventually lead to Jane and Anslo meeting. Further information has been restricted to the pilot script itself as revealing story details outside of the narrative can lead to what humans refer to as “spoilers”.


Tech Support

Format: TV Pilot - Single Camera / Half Hour Comedy

Series Logline: Matthew, an aspiring comic book artist, has somehow found himself stuck running a small tech support company filled with a motley crew of I.T. guys and gals. With student loans forcing him to stay put he has to do his best to keep his rambunctious employees in line, the company afloat and his overly demanding clients happy.

Pilot Logline: As Matthew attempts to introduce new scheduling software to his defiant employees he is pulled away to try and stop a top client from going with another company. Meanwhile in the hopes of boosting her struggling video blog, Al films her numerous attempts to get a problematic protester away from the office and Felix spends his first day learning how crazy fieldwork can be.


The perfect Christmas Tree

A Christmas Day Proposal

Format: Short Film - Holiday Romance

A Christmas Day Proposal: It’s Christmas day and Anthony and Kayla are expecting both sets of parents to come visit, but it seems a winter storm has them stuck in the airport. To make matters worse, Anthony is secretly doing everything he can to make Kayla’s dream of being proposed to on Christmas day, surrounded by their family, come true. But with time running out, he’ll have to get creative.

The Perfect Christmas Tree: Ashley has just moved in preparation to start her new job and not only has she unpacked everything, she’s also put up all her Christmas decorations too. The only thing left is a tree. Hesitant to go tree shopping, she finally gives in after pressure from her mom and while there meets Blake, a professor of ecology. With Blake’s help, she might just find the perfect tree and maybe even something else in the process.



Format: TV Pilot - One Hour / Drama

Series Logline: An ominous prophecy unfolds as a runaway slave, gifted with fearsome powers, gains the allegiance of three future generals and begins to conquer the kingdoms of Oneon in an effort to stay alive. As his enemies grow, so do his atrocities, earning him the title of: The Dark Lord Morcaunt.

Pilot Logline: Upon arriving to the snowy mountain city of Herlorus, Morcaunt quickly finds himself in a scuffle with the queen’s watchmen, but is assisted by a bounty hunter. Later a local blacksmith becomes involved in Morcaunt’s affairs and the queen’s advisor must deal with a corrupt lord who is trying to usurp the kingdom.


The Secret Santa Search

Format: Film - Holiday

Logline: After writing a controversial op-ed on Christmas gift giving, Lesley is forced to do a puff piece on the small town of Holly and their annual “Secret Santa Festival”. When her boss hears about The Holly Secret Santa, a mysterious person who gives a single present to every resident in town, he insists on an interview with this “ultimate gift giver” for their special edition. Now with the help of Noel, a local furniture maker, Lesley will have to follow the clues to track down this elusive Secret Santa and learn the joys the right gift can bring, all before Christmas Eve.



Format: TV Pilot - Animated / One Hour Action Comedy

Series Logline: In a retro-futuristic world where technology can only be afforded by the rich, four nerdy hackers have become superhero-like rebels battling against the corrupted system. Armed with superior coding skills and enhanced exo-suits, the four friends can kick ass in both cyberspace and the real world.

Pilot Logline: A young woman stuck in a dead end computer job is recruited by a group of underground hackers planning a major heist.


A Christmas Engagement

Format: Film - Holiday

Logline: To fulfill her grandmother’s wish, an over-worked woman enlists the help of her ex-boyfriend to throw a fake Christmas Day wedding, rediscovering friends, family and love in the process.


The Fates

Format: TV Pilot - Single Camera / One Hour Drama

Series Logline: In the near future, in the midst of World War III, a ship appears at the edge of our solar system bringing three time traveling women to Earth. Thanks to media and internet outlets their arrival is broadcast across the globe, fueling the war as they become the most desirable commodity any nation could want; someone who knows what will happen next.

Pilot Logline: On the eve of war, an out of work physicist, White House communications director, Navy SEAL, TV reverend and his wife all become influential in the fate of the planet as they quickly find themselves connected to a mysterious object from space that is heading toward Earth.


The Last Man on Earth (spec)

Show Format: Spec Episode - Single Camera / Half Hour Comedy

Episode Summary: In an effort to cheer up the other housemates after Phil #2's death, Tandy puts together a game show with "amazing prizes". Meanwhile Carol does her best to get Erica excited about her future baby and Todd, racked with guilt about two-timing Melissa and Gail, does everything he can to avoid them both.